quarta-feira, 8 de dezembro de 2010

Rewilding Europe

A ATN é um dos parceiros da iniciativa Rewilding Europe, cuja missão é:

As more and more people leave rural areas for an urban life, large parts of the European countryside are currently being abandoned. It is a large-scale process affecting particularly the more remote regions of the continent. Until now, such areas served as the principle home for a large proportion of the European fauna and flora associated with mosaic landscapes. These semi-natural areas have their roots in pre-historic Europe, where large mammals once roamed freely, and are today maintained through extensive land use with grazing animals.
However, with the guardians of these treasures leaving, the conservation of the European natural heritage is subsequently facing a tremendous challenge. If nothing is done, we run the risk of ending up with a “digital” Europe – intensive farming on fertile soils or forests dominating the less productive regions. And with that we will lose many animals and plants as well as landscapes valued by our citizens. It is clear that we must act now!
To address this challenge, the Rewilding Europe programme has been created. It was first presented at the “Conference on Wilderness and Large Natural Habitat Areas” hosted by the Czech European Union Presidency and the European Commission in May 2009. The overall aim of the programme is to re-wild at least one million hectares of Europe by 2020 consisting of ten areas, each of at least 100,000 ha. Every area should host complete and naturally functional ecosystems specific to the region, the new land use should be economically viable and competitive with other alternatives, and the area should be embedded in the social and cultural fabric of their respective region.
The Prague conference participants were invited to submit nominations for joining the initiative. Based on twenty applications from all over Europe and submitted by a variety of organisations, five areas have now been selected to serve as the first model projects to show how the vision can be put into practice. The areas chosen are situated in Western Iberia (Spain/Portugal), Croatia, Romania (Danube Delta & Southern Carpathians), and Eastern Carpathians on the border between Poland, Slovakia and Ukraine.


A ATN (através do João Quadrado) esteve presente em Bruxelas no passado dia 18 de Novembro e assistiu ao lançamento oficial do RE, projecto em que acalentamos muitas esperanças para a Faia Brava e não só.

Aqui vão algumas imagens do site do projecto http://rewildingeurope.com/:

No próximo fim de semana contaremos, em Figueira de castelo rodrigo, com a presença do neerlandês Twan Teunissen (ver foto), um dos coordenadores técnicos deste projecto, que apresentará no workshop uma comunicação sobre o RE, expondo também a sua visão para o projecto Faia Brava e estará disponivel para debate ali em "carne e osso". Se ainda havia sócios da ATN e outros amantes da natureza em Portugal (e arredores) que estavam indecisos sobre fazer uns Km (em auto-estrada) para assistir às Jornadas da FB, ficam aqui desfeitos os argumentos que os estavam a agarrar às pantufas ....