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VACANCY: ATN is looking for a new Executive coordinator

 The organisation
ATN is a leading regional NGO working on sustainable nature conservation in the Côa region, Portugal. The organisation owns and manages the Faia Brava Reserve (800 ha) and develops a variety of projects in nature conservation and rural development.
The Reserve harbours several endangered bird species and functions as a biodiversity spot in the region. New nature conservation approaches, such as rewilding, are developed to make management sustainable in the long term. Management of the reserve mainly depends on private sources of income such as sponsoring, ecotourism, and regional products sales.
The main challenges for the near future consist of developing sustainable sources of funding, strengthening relationships with national and international institutions and private investors, and building capacity of the organisation.
The executive coordinator will be responsible for the operational management of the organization.

Functions and Accountabilities
1. Board Administration and Support — the coordinator supports Board operations and administration by advising and informing Board members, interfacing between Board and staff.
2. Fundraising planning and implementation - the coordinator identifies resource requirements, searches for funding sources, establishes strategies to approach funders, submits proposals and administrates fundraising records and documentation.
3. Development of sustainable business models for ATN — the coordinator develops a strategy and activities which increase ATN’s economic sustainability such as: ecotourism, selling of products, agreements with companies, etc.
4. Project development — in conjunction with the board, the coordinator develops nature conservation, rural development, monitoring of research programs, and projects within the mission of ATN, together with ATN staff members.
5. Human Resources Management – the coordinator develops and manages a balanced HR policy.
6. Community and Public Relations — the coordinator assures the organization and its mission, programs, products and services are consistently presented with a positive image to relevant stakeholders. Builds and maintains good relationship with companies, local, regional and national governmental agencies, national and international NGO’s.
7. Strategic Management  — the coordinator develops, monitors and updates the strategy of ATN, together with the team and in conjunction with the board.

-          Personality: we are looking for an energetic, positive and stimulating person who can bring together people and organizations.
-          Education: academic degree — preferably Biology or related scientific discipline and/or at least 8 years of working experience in the nature conservation area.
-          He/she has sufficient knowledge and affinity with nature conservation to inspire people and develop creative solutions.
-          He/she brings experience and knowledge on financial and HRM management, He/she knows how to relate and deal with governmental agencies, international institutions and companies.
-          He/she speaks fluent Portuguese and English (and preferably is also a Spanish speaker).

- Full-time position.
- Base-salary indication (gross): 1400 – 2000 /month (full-time), depending on experience and curriculum vitae.
- Working place: Figueira de Castelo Rodrigo, district of Guarda.

Please send your application by letter or mail to the Board of ATN, before January 24th. We schedule the interviews on 8 and 9th of February.
Associação Transumância e Natureza
Rua Pedro Jacques de Magalhães, s.n.
(Edifício dos antigos laticínios)
6440-111 Figueira de Castelo Rodrigo
Tel/Fax: + 351 271 311 202
For further information, please contact:

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