domingo, 25 de maio de 2014

2nd day - Green Corners Youth Exchange

Today Slovenian and Portuguese teams went to the Faia Brava Reserve to attend a workshop called mud wall. After a short ride with the local bus we continued our path on foot. The trail lead us through the beautiful countryside, where we saw a beautiful landscape, wildlife and even a shepherd with a group of sheep. 

We arrived at the workshop location and the teams started to work with clay, which they put in layers on the wall of the house. The mentors were in charge of preparing the meal (barbeque with the typical balkan meat). After a good day of work it was time to take a group picture and slowly go back to the bungalows, because the Portuguese team needed to start preparing the traditional food for  anintercultural evening.
Greetings from Figueira de Castelo de Rodrigo