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Nadja, a nossa colaboradora da Eslovénia

A Nadja está a desenvolver um projecto na ATN relacionado com a empregabilidade juvenil. Veio da Eslovénia há menos de um mês e tem muito para contar sobre a sua experiência.
Aqui fica um dos seus primeiros ''Diários de Viagem''.

Living in Figueira de Castelo Rodrigo - First week

In Slovenia is hard to get a job and therefore its also difficult to get the opportunity to be independent from parents so i said YES to opportunity i got for project work in Portugal and went abroad to taste a mix of student life in terms of accommodation, work responsibilities and with the tourist eyes.

My trip from Porto, where I landed by plane, to the city Figueira de Castelo Rodrigo, was by train. Beautiful view of the current green nature trail runs along the river Douro, passing the window moving pictures of cactus, orange, lemon trees, and here and there some of the smaller waterfalls. For continue my journey to the goal I benefit the bus, where our conversation with the driver before boarding was with hand speach.

Colleagues in the ATN (Associação Transumância e Natureza) excellent command of English, they are very diligent, dedicated work, their thoughts are full of ideas, in which truly believe. When the coordinator Alice talks about plans her eyes light up. 

ATN mission is to conserve, value, study and promote the natural heritage of Northeast Portugal, through sustainability and community participation, by managing and protecting natural areas. ATN’s aims are to achieve species and habitat conservation in natural areas; to guarantee economical sustainability of nature conservation projects; to contribute to economic and social dynamism of the region.

The city (Figueira de Castelo Rodrigo) is magically empty. Many homes, one more beautiful than the other, with a hint of the sea, but the streets are lonely. A lot of puppies pursued and barking on me. Almost every house has 3 dogs who cant be quiet and they jump over fences and walking free on the streets. I love dogs, but these guys are seriously annoying.

When I was a bit sad because i could only watch nature through the office window, something unexpected occurred. Everyone was call to go hunt two runaway horses from the fence and left the job. We found a lot of footprints and we feel the cold wind, but horses nowhere. Only when the evening started, we found them. When they ran against us instead of the other way, I have a strong heart pounded. They were not exactly domesticated horse. The night fell and we couldn get the horses in the right direction. They continued early in the morning, but I went to visit Faia Brava. It is because of this piece of nature that i come here to Portugal. On this trip they were botanists, ethnologists and other experts. They inventoried and studied the biodiversity of the reserve. Faia Brava is one big garden with a huge variety of flowering shrubs and colorful lichens.

On my  free day – on sunday - I went to the top of the city to visit the ruins of the castle Castelo Rodrigo and looked down on my new home.

Nadja Medvešek

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