quarta-feira, 18 de junho de 2014

Coming Saturday: Faia Brava olive oil at a vineyard in the Netherlands

Coming weekend vineyard ‘Wageningse Berg’ in Wageningen, the Netherlands, will be open for the public to visit and discover. This festive event will be accompanied with a fair with all kinds of natural products. ATN’s Dutch team will be present on Saturday with our organic olive oil from the Faia Brava Reserve for you to taste. We offer the bottles for a temporary reduced prize of just 8 euros per bottle. From each bottle € 2,50 goes directly to our land acquisition fund from which we buy new land to expand the Faia Brava reserve.

Vineyards in the Netherlands

Vineyard ‘Wageningse Berg’ (translation = Wageningen Mountain) is the first Dutch vineyard that came with organic wine. Vineyards are maybe unexpected to occur in the Netherlands, however since in the Roman times wine was very normal and due to warmer climatic circumstances in those times, also many vineyards could be found in the Netherlands. However, a small ice occurred around 1600, and combined with a louses disease in the vine grapes, made an end to the production of wine. Around the 1970’s wine making in the Netherlands made a restart, especially in the South of the country. Currently, there are about 200 vineyards in the Netherlands.

ATN team the Netherlands
The Faia Brava Reserve receives many visitors from the Netherlands each year. Therefore, we have now a ATN team ‘the Netherlands’ that consists of two members: Henk Smit, secretary of the Board of ATN and Annemiek Leuvenink, who did her master thesis for ATN in 2014 and since then assists in communication and marketing activities for the reserve from the Netherlands. The team assists the Portuguese colleagues in different ways to help flourish the organisation by making strategic decisions (Henk in the board) and more practically by organizing trips from the Netherlands to the Reserve and selling the Faia Brava olive oil in the Netherlands. Currently, it is possible to buy the olive oil at twenty locations in the Netherlands, due to our cooperation with the Taurus Foundation.

Vineyard Open Day in Wageningen
More information about the event on Saturday at the vineyard can be found on this website: http://www.wijngaardwageningseberg.nl/agenda.htm
Time: 11.00 – 16.00 h
Location: for the exact location click here or search on google maps for 'biologische wijngaard Wageningse Berg'. 
Parking: park at the Scheidingslaan in Wageningen (across the old football stadium). From here it is only 400 meters walking to the vineyard. By bike the vineyard is easily reachable via the sandy road (bospaadje) across Geertjes 55.

If you are in the Netherlands and you are not able to visit us Saturday, then you can order the olive oil via our Dutch partner Wildrundvlees here if you want.

We are hoping to see you Saturday in Wageningen!

Henk and Annemiek