segunda-feira, 30 de março de 2015

Volunteering at the Faia Brava Reserve, a story by Tim and Debbie Gove

We have for many years had an interest in nature and conservation. When we decided on an extended holiday in Europe we thought it would be nice to do some voluntary word along these lines, if possible.
We firstly did some time at Grupo Lobo, we knew about this NGO via facebook. It was from someone there that we found out about ATN and the Faia Brava Reserve.

So off we headed to see what they were about. And we were not disappointed.
The reserve is absolutely stunning, we were able to get our camper van along the track to their camp site at Sabóia. Although basic, it is well worth the trip! Views across the reserve from morning till night. Vultures soring over head as well as the odd eagle!

We had only planned to stay for one week, but after two it was still difficult to leave.
We spent the time with wonderful people doing things we never thought we would. Cleared up the vulture feeding station, cleaned invasive water fern from ponds and in the process got to see tadpoles, newts and fire salamanders (with vultures over head!)

Tim also did some plumbing at the campsite (while Debbie sunbathed!)

All the people we met were so enthusiastic and passionate about what they are doing at the reserve.

We will most definitely be back and will be recommending it to any of our friends who are also into their conservation.

Debbie and Tim Gove, March 2015